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Hello, My name is Stephen Silberkraus and I served in the Nevada Legislature as the State Assemblyman for District 29.

As an Assemblyman, education was always a top priority for me. I fought to improve our State's education system with the most significant investment in educational resources and programs in our State's history. This along with strong accountability measures that ensured those resources made it into our children's classrooms. I made sure that our students, their families, and the hard-working teachers and staff had a voice in the system.


That is why Governor Sandoval said: "(Stephen's) hard work to pass historic education reforms and to grow our economy has put Nevada on a positive path."

I was proud to fight alongside Governor Sandoval to build the foundation for our New Nevada. With your support, I will continue that fight as we strengthen and grow our State. 

Looking to the future, we need to provide a robust educational system that supports our students, faculty, and community on all levels. NSHE (The Nevada System of Higher Education) has the opportunity to change the future of so many Nevadans. 

To that end, I am dedicated to the following issues:

Ensuring that a high-quality education will be available to anyone who wishes to pursue it. 

​Creating substantial distance and online education options for students that may not be able to go to traditional classes. 

Expanding college and work-training programs that are focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Providing more options for trade and technical education. ​

Expanding and creating new community partnerships for specialized education. 


Creating a clear and simple guide for the transfer of credits between Nevada schools. 

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